• You must be 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license to rent a machine. You must be 21 years of age to operate the machine. A major credit card is required for reservations and deposit.

  • The Can-Am Maverick is made with two different speed functions: a moderate (45 MPH) and a fast or full speed (75 MPH). We rent our machines under the moderate setting which uses a color coded (grey) ignition key. It is our experience that very few renters ever exceed the 45 MPH speed limit during typical rides. However, the fast setting (black key) is available upon request for an additional $40 per day. This is recommended for experienced riders only. This option poses a much greater risk to the rider and the machine.

  • Yes, we require $150 per day in order to reserve the machine, this is charged to the card at the time of reservation. This deposit is applied to your daily rental fee.

  • If you cancel your reservation two weeks prior to the reserved date then we will give you a 100% refund minus a $20 processing fee. If you cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to your reserved date we will refund 50% of your deposit. Cancellations within 72 hours from reserved date will not be refunded.

    For holidays, the same applies except the 72 hour rule becomes a one week rule. Canceling reservations with less than two weeks’ notice greatly impacts our ability to rent the machine again.

  • Yes, for an additional cost. If we arrange for deliver and pick up off a machine then we will take care of fueling and cleaning the machine. This is included in the delivery fee.

  • There are no discounts for late pick-up or no shows. The machine has been spoken for by you regardless of whether you pick it up or not. We are not able to rent the machine to anyone else as a result of your reservation.

  • Yes, it’s $2,000 for the Side-by-sides and $500 for the Wave Runners. This amount will be verified at the time of rental. If the machine is returned with no damage, the deposit will be released.

  • Release of the deposit will be contingent upon the condition of the machine when it is returned. Any damage to the machine will be deducted from the deposit up to the deductible. A copy of the damage report will be emailed and mailed to your listed address.

  • Yes. In fact, insurance is mandatory on each rental. It costs $15 per day for the Side-by-sides and $35 for the Wave-runners.

  • Yes, there is a deductible of $2,500 on the Side-by-side and $500 for the Waver Runners. In other words, if you damage the machine, the first $2,500 (Side-by-side) and $500 (Wave Runner) of repair will be your responsibility.

  • The insurance on the Side-by-sides cover the total value of the machine (less the $2,500), bodily injury per person of $25,000, bodily injury per accident of $65,000 and property damage of $15,000. The insurance on the Wave Runners cover the cost of the machine and give you liability coverage also.

  • We will assess the damage of the machine upon it being returned. We do not straighten bent parts. Damaged parts are replaced with new parts. Once a metal part is bent they are weakened and become a safety risk for future riders. Simple repairs are handled at our shop, any extensive damage will be repaired by the local dealership. Repairs are not allowed to be done by renters. Remember, the first $2,500 (for Side-by-sides) and $500 (for Wave Runners) worth of damage will be charged to you, the rentor.

  • This depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage is extensive enough that the machine is unusable for following rental reservation then we will charge a daily loss rent fee of $100 per day. If you return a machine on a Friday evening with damage and due to that damage we can’t send it out the next day we have then lost the revenue we would have collected.

  • Yes, a trailer is provided and included in the rental price. You will need a 2” ball and a 7 way plug.

  • Yes, however, we will need to approve of the trailer. We must make sure it’s capable of carrying our machine safely.

  • There are many trails which can be easily accessed from our location. We have maps you can use or are available for purchase if you’d like to keep them.

  • One amazing feature Can-Am offers on their machines is the ability to run the machine using two different power variations. One variation is a top speed of 45 mph and the other is a top speed of 75 mph. The vast majority of renters will have the time of their life using the 45 mph program. We have tracked the use of this machine with GPS and less than 5% of renters accelerate above 45 mph. However, for the crazy 5% of renters who want to experience the machine at its full power, this is available upon request for an additional cost of $40 per day.

  • The Side-by-sides have a 10 gallon gas tank while the Wave Runners have a 7.4 gallon gas tank. How far you can go will depend upon your riding style. Typically you should be able to ride all day on a tank of gas with either machine.

  • No, we do not. We highly recommend using ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours. They can be found at www.atvadventures.com 

  • This is mostly up to you and your preference as the machine does provide a degree of protection from the elements. We typically suggest pants and good foot wear, no open toed shoes.

  • Yes, you need to return the machine in the same condition that it was picked up in. There are wash facilities close to the pick-up and drop-off location. The fee for bringing back the machine dirty is $50. If the machine is excessively dirty the fee is $100. Of course a little sand or dust is ok.

  • Yes, the machine will be full when you pick it up and it needs to be brought back full. There are gas stations fairly close to our facility. However, we do not have gas pumps at our location. We charge $10 for each gallon of gas that we have to put in the machine.

    The machine has a high performance, specially tuned engine and requires 91 octane fuel. Do not place lower octane fuel in the machine — it will break it. You will be liable for any internal engine damage due to low octane fuel.

  • Yes, the helmets are included in the rental and we have multiple sizes. Goggles are not included but can be purchased for $10. All goggles are new in the package and yours to keep when you’re done with the rental. We strongly encourage helmets be worn when the Side-by-sides are being operated.

  • If the machine breaks down, call us immediately. There is fairly good cell phone coverage in the vicinity of where you will typically be riding.

    If the machine breaks down due to machine failure, we will give you a pro-rated refund of your money. We will only give the refund if the break down is due to machine failure and not driver abuse

  • No, towing with the machine can easily damage it. Extensive pressure on the drive system will ruin the drive belt, rendering the machine immobile. Any damage done in this manner is your responsibility.

  • The machine is completely your responsibility while in your possession, regardless of whether the damage was caused due to neglect, intention or was a complete accident.

  • Depending on where you choose to ride you may need a flag. We have the Sand Hollow state park close by at our Southen Utah location. This park is mostly sand dunes and requires a flag on all machines. We do provide a flag on our machine. If you are coming with others who are bringing their own machines they will need a flag on each machine. We have extra flags available for purchase at our location.

  • We do not give refunds for bad weather, however, if we deem the rental to be unusable because of extreme weather we will give you credit for another rental period comparable to the original rental.

  • If the machine is late we charge $75 for each of the first five hours it’s late. After the fifth hour we will call the police and report our machine stolen.

  • The deposit will not be returned.

  • There is a deck compartment on the back of the machine where you can put a small cooler. There is also a fairly large glove box to put items in.

  • No, we understand our location is close to the Arizona and Idaho border; however, our insurance is only issued for Utah and is not applicable in any other states.

  • Side-by-side vehicles offer a wonderful way to take multiple people along with you while being protected with seat belts and a roll cage. Our machine is designed to carry 4 adults. Do not place more than one person per seat. This is incredibly dangerous. Some of our Commanders have a an additional back seat which will hold 2 smaller people, typically kids. 

  • There are nets and seatbelts for each seat. These are designed to keep you safe and in your seat. However, they are not fail-proof, so keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

  • Do not operate our machine while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

    No wheelies, jumps, stunts, fishtails or reckless driving of any kind.

    No side-hilling allowed, traverse hills by going up and down them perpendicular to the slope.

    No coasting downhill in neutral.

    Stay on established trails only, tread lightly.

    Ride no closer than 4-5 vehicle lengths from other ATVs or vehicles.

    There will be no refunds for early returns. So enjoy your time!